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Smart Sys Ltd was established in 2003 to provide specialized site support services in Control and Instrument area.

Now Smart Sys company covers several fields. The first is supporting and (sub)contracting of Industrial Automation and Instrument projects for industries such as onshore and offshore oil and gas extraction, energy production and (petro)chemical technology.

The array of services includes studies, audits, engineering, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Specific professional expertise and experience cover all disciplines relevant to the various project phases: planning, conceptual design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and management of all these phases.

Operations and Maintenance are organised for fast and efficient response to demand, both by service category and geographically.

   "Take controls: ours continue to be the most popular choice among Plant builders and home owners. The reason? We know all controls are not created equal. Because people have varying needs, Honeywell offers a full range of choices that accommodate energy-saving preferences and keep temperatures just the way you like them.
   From high-tech components to computers, from state-of-the art industrial plants to the carpet you walk on, Honeywell touches your life in ways you may not have realized.
   Trusted brands. Innovative products. Solutions that help you succeed. That's Smart Sys!"

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