System Logging and Monitoring is administrator best friend. It’s like an administrative partner that is always at work, never complains, never gets tired, and is always on top of the things.

Finally, all your event and log data from DCS and Control Network available and accessible in one central location. Discover and resolve issues faster. Keep customers happy with predictive maintenance, better performance by proactively monitoring key indicators and exceptions across the entire system. Eliminate the information bottleneck between your teams and keep compliance with Cyber Security Frameworks.

  • Big Data Capturing & Analytics

We collect, store, index, correlate, visualize and analyze everything classified as log or event in DCS environment: NetFlow, Syslog, SNMP Traps, Windows Event Logs, Experion Diagnostic Capture Logs, Honeywell PHD Server Logs, SQL Server Logs, Web Services Logs, EPKS Event2 records, Safety Historian SOE, Any Other Machine Logs.

  • System Monitoring

We monitor each physical and virtual machine and mission critical applications for
availability, responsiveness and abnormal parameter trends.

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